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Freedom Persian & Long Coat Cat Food

₹369 ₹410
Category :- CAT, -> DRY FOOD,
Weight: 1.2/Kg

  • Control and Reduce Hairballs in your cat with our specially formulated cat food. Our unique blend of natural fiber sources aids in hairball management, minimizing the occurrence and discomfort associated with hairballs.

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Signature embraces a personal space devoted to holistic nutrition and immunity reinforcement. At Signature, we pamper your pets with products that are made with quality proteins originally meant for human consumption, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, long grain rice and prebiotic herbs. All Signature products are carefully curated under the able guidance of our consulting vets based in the USA.

  • Promote Weight Management in your feline companion with our cat food’s carefully balanced calories derived from proteins and fats. This optimal balance helps maintain your cat’s ideal body weight, supporting their overall health and well-being.
  • Boost a Healthy Immune System in your cat with our cat food’s inclusion of essential vitamins, chelated minerals, and important antioxidants. These vital nutrients work together to maintain a healthy oxidative balance and enhance your cat’s immune function, keeping them strong and protected against potential health issues.
  • Achieve a Lustrous Coat and Healthy Skin in your cat with our cat food’s optimal balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These essential nutrients nourish the skin, reduce dryness, and promote a shiny coat, enhancing your cat’s natural beauty.
  • Ensure the Highest Nutritional Assimilation and Healthy Digestion for your adult cats with our cat food’s finest natural ingredients and herbs. These carefully selected ingredients facilitate optimal nutrient absorption and promote healthy digestion, supporting your cat’s overall digestive health and vitality.
  • Maintain Urinary pH Control to Prevent Kidney Stones with our specialized cat food. Our formula helps maintain the appropriate urinary pH level, reducing the risk of kidney stone formation and promoting your cat’s urinary tract health.
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January 19, 2021

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